About Prisma

About Us

From a modest beginning in 1992 till today, Prisma Cerah a majority owned Bumiputera company has grown and is recognised as the leading supplier of a broad range of products and services in the Oil & Gas Industry.

Forming good ties and relationship with International Manufacturers, Business Partners and Associates have enable us to provide a complete selection of products such as valves, pumps and other related products and services that required by the industry in order to meet Industries’ needs and demands.

With strong market endorsement and encouragement, we are capitalising our strength and resources in developing our very own Innovative Systems and Products catering for the customers’ needs in the continuous growth of the local Oil & Gas Industry, Petrochemical, Marine and Energy Industries.

Our mission is to become a single source of supply of valves, pumps and all related accessories for Oil & Gas Industry’s upstream and downstream sectors. By providing reliable products and systems manufactured or invented by world class manufacturers at competitive prices, Prisma Cerah makes available qualitative services to offshore clients and offshore fabricators. Our close proximity ensures prompt delivery which enables our valuable customers’ compliance with project timeline.

As an exclusive agent of reputable principals, we are able to distribute signature products from all over the world. We continue to upgrade our comprehensive range of products and services for existing and next generation applications in our catalogues for the benefit of our current and potential customers in Malaysia and throughout the region in South East Asia.

We are a reputable, innovative and dynamic business organisation led by a group of executives who are recognised leaders in their respective fields. Our executive and dedicated team of workmen are well equipped with industrial knowledge and the latest technology to execute and fully delivered our commitment to our client’s desired results.